Dead Cats

65 x 45 cm
Black Acrylics / 300gr paper / 2015

“A simply drawn black and white cat may seem an unlikely choice for the world’s first cartoon superstar, but Felix the Cat, with his magic bag of tricks and killer personality, is no ordinary feline. Though Felix has gone through numerous iterations over the near century since his debut, he has always had an undeniable influence on creatives around the world, no matter their age or medium. This has never been more evident than in “Felix: The Cat’s Out Of the Bag”, a group art show curated by Slow Culture gallery. The Highland Park outfit gathered nearly 40 members of their creative community and tasked them with creating a piece of work that embodied the world famous cartoon cat. This stable, which includes emerging and established artists, cartoonists, creative directors, tattoo artists, and more, jumped at the chance to pay homage to a figure that had for many of them made an indelible impact on their art.

A cross-section of these fans will be showing their work at Felix: The Cat’s Out of the Bag on May 8th at Slow Culture. The group show features everything from mixed media to sculpture to sign painting to a TV installation, all of which capture the different iterations and interpretations of the first cat ever to become a true international icon.”

Presented at Felix The Cat “Cat’s Out Of The Bag”
Group Exhibition / Slow Culture / Los Angeles – USA