Illustrator. Graphic Designer. Painter.

With Eindhoven as his habitat, Bien Philty (1988) created his own small fantasy world to escape to. Heavily inspired by the military, his characters forms armed troops who travel in a world surrounded by flora and fauna, which evokes an interesting contrast.

The story always begins with a handdrawn black and white sketch, and sometimes ends up on the digital screen where bold colorpalettes, fine lines and different textures brings the fairy tale alive.


Selected Exhibitions / Events

Ace & Tate / A new perspective on design / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Oude Rechtbank / Royal 5 Year Anniversary / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Kelderman en Van Noort / Black and White / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Moving Mountains / Paper Trails / Wollongong, Australia.
Daily Goods / PVATDG / London, England.
Slow Culture / Felix The Cat / Cats Out Of The Bag / Los Angeles, USA.

Kelderman en Van Noort / Opperclaes. / Like Minded / Eindhoven – Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Kelderman en Van Noort / A0 posterproject Bound Freedom #2 / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The Tate / Art Wank / Sydney, Australia.