With Eindhoven as his habitat, Bien Philty (1988) created his own small fantasy world to escape to. Heavily inspired by the military, his characters forms armed troops who travel in a world surrounded by flora and fauna, which evokes an interesting contrast.

The story always begins with a handdrawn black and white sketch, and sometimes ends up on the digital screen where bold colorpalettes, fine lines and different textures brings the fairy tale alive.


Selected Exhibitions

Oude Rechtbank / Royal 5 Year Anniversary / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Kelderman en Van Noort / Black and White / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Moving Mountains / Paper Trails / Wollongong, Australia.
Daily Goods / PVATDG / London, England.
Slow Culture / Felix The Cat / Cats Out Of The Bag / Los Angeles, USA.

Kelderman en Van Noort / Opperclaes. / Like Minded / Eindhoven – Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Kelderman en Van Noort / A0 posterproject Bound Freedom #2 / Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The Tate / Art Wank / Sydney, Australia.